1967 Porsche 911R

The 1967 911R was an very early example of what Porsche Racing department were capable of in the way of lightweight performance builds, each of the 22 "R's"was substancially lightened over the standard 911 of the period, the doors, wings/fenders, bonnet and engine lid were all constructed of GRP.The interior was also stripped of all comfort features. It Sported a stripped out dashboard, bare steel floors and a bucket seat. All the windows bar the windscreen were plexiglass, driver and passenger door windows were raised and lowered with a lightweight leather strap as the door internals were stripped to a bare minimum.

The 2 litre engine on the majority of the 911R's was a highly tuned 2.0S engine running twin plug heads with a marelli twin output distributor,twin coils and twin fuel pumps

A 100 litre fuel tank was fitted with a center of the bonnet fill. The oil tank was made of aluminum and mounted ahead of the right rear wheel.

The result of these efforts to reduce the weight held the weight to 1830 lbs


The following pictures are of prototype 3 which was the one R built with aluminium panels: