Porsche 912 E

In 1976 Porsche had already ceased production of the 914 and were lacking a replacement entry level model. This was during the period of oil crisis and emmision restrictions. So the 912E was born, but for one year only. The E was supposed to stand for Economy. They utilised the 911's body and fitted the 914's Flat-4 1971cc Bosch L-jetronic fuel injected 2.0L engine and modified 915 transmission called the 923/02. Due to the emmision regulations of the period in the USA, an air pump and a pair of thermal reactors were fitted. Saftey was also a big issue at the time so the heavier impact bumper body of the current 911 was used. Unfortunately due to all of the extra weight added by these restrictive regulations the 912E was underpowered in comparision to the earlier 912's which had a similar power output, but were 190 kg lighter.

Optional electric sunroof, headlight washers, A/C, fog lights were available.

Model 912

Year of Production 1976

Model Porsche 912 E

0-60MPH 13 seconds

Top Speed 110MPH

Engine Flat-4 1971cc 2.0L

Horsepower 86HP @ 4900rpm

Torque 98lb-ft@4000rpm

Transmission 5-speed manual

Production 2099