Porsche 924 Carrera GT

The Porsche 924 Carrera GT was highly developed 924 Turbo and had a limited production run. It was created for homologation purposes and only 406 were made and of these 75 were in RHD specification. All were finished in either Red, Silver or Black apart from the 6 prototypes which were finished in white.. The GT was fitted with wide poly wings (fenders) and poly bumpers. It was fitted with a thinner bonded in glass windscreen.The bonnet was fitted with a large air scoop to cool the new air to air intercooler which was mounted above the rocker cover. It had a Revised larger turbo which was boosted to 0.75 bar thanks to the decreased intercooled air temperatures. It had a Single box exhaust system and the oil cooler was moved in front of the radiator. Suspension had stronger front joint shells and the springs were harder and lowered by 10mm. A dual circuit brake system was fitted with ducting from the front PU directed at the discs for cooling. Limited slip differential was optional.

The CGT had its own unique lightweight sports interior. But equipment was optional in order to create a car as comfortable or track ready as you wished. LSD, Electric Windows, Panasonic radio/cassete, tinted glass, drivers door electric mirror, rear wiper, headlamp washers, sports steering wheel, cassette holder, sunroof and 16" fuch alloys. Electric windows was a standard fitment on UK cars.

The Carrera GT gave a very healthy 210 bhp at 6000rpm, 0-62 mph was covered in 6.9 seconds with a maximum speed of over 150 mph

The price new was £19,000 which was quite a sum if you consider the standard 924 of the period sold for £9,000.

Chassis numbers: WPOZZZ93BN70 0001 to 0006 Prototypes

Chassis numbers: WPOZZZ93BN70 0007 to 0050 GTS/R

Chassis numbers: WPOZZZ93BN70 0051 to 0450 for the 400 GT

Engine number should contain 3150