Porsche 924 Carrera GTR

The ultimate variant of the 924 Carrera was the GTR, Its design originated from the original Le Mans models of 1980. It was an out and out race car, with a power output of 375bhp and a weight of only 945kg. It's heart was still the audi derived 4 pot engine but it was fitted with a kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection and dry sump oil system with a huge front mounted intercooler and larger turbo which was mounted on the opposite side of the engine to the standard Carrera GT. Its brakes were the same as those fitted to the 917 to combat the monstrous power output. The car was available in white only and featured even more aggressively flaired wheel arches than the GTS. Front and rear wings (fenders) and bumpers were all in Poly. The aluminium doors and bonnet which were fitted to the GTS were replaced with even lighter grp items. Plexiglass side and rear windows, and a thinner glass front windscreen were fitted. Aluminium roll cage was fitted to strengthen the body/chassis with a cross braced engine bay.7.5 kg auto fire extinguisher, 120 litre fuel tank, coil springs were used at the rear with trailing arms instead of the tortion bar set up. 80% Limited slip differential. BBS Lufterflugel 11x16 alloy wheels.

Around 19 GTR's made and were sold for £39,000 which was quite a sum if you consider the standard 924 of the period sold for £9,000.

0-62 in 4.7 Seconds and a Maximum speed of 181 mph was acheivable.

Chassis numbers: WPOZZZ93BN70 0001 to 0006 Prototypes

Chassis numbers: WPOZZZ93BN70 0007 to 0050 GTS/R

Chassis numbers: WPOZZZ93BN70 0051 to 0450 for the 400 GT

Engine number should contain 3150

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