Porsche 928 Spotters guide.

The Porsche 928 was a result of reshufffle within Porsche in 1971, a new chief executive was appointed Dr Ernst Fuhrmann, the designer of the 356 Carrera engine. Fuhrmann believed that the future of the company rested in the more conventional layout of a front engined Grand Tourer. The 928 was a V8 GT styled by Anatole Lapine in a front engined layout similar to the 924, it was groomed to become the succesor to the long running 911 which was then downgraded to a mid range model. It was unveiled at the 1977 Geneva Motor show and became Car of the year in the year following.

The 928 became Porsche's flagship model and was pushed as the Ultimate Grand Tourer of its time, it was fitted with light weight aluminium doors, bonnet and front wings. With sleek plastic colour coded bumpers designed into the 928's body shape. It was fitted with Porsches first V8 which was a 4.5 litre sohc per cylinder bank and an Aluminium cylinder block. Power was transfered to the rear mounted 5 speed gearbox with differential the 'Weissach Axle' by a similar torque tube system as the 924. A 3 speed Automatic transmission was also available.

The 928 was very luxurious internally and was still capable of 140mph and 0-60 in the region of 6.5 seconds from its 234bhp engine.

The 928 was upgraded in 1979 to the 928S featuring a 4.6 litre engine which raised the top speed closer to 146 mph

Porsche 928 S4

In 1986 the 928 recieved a body and mechanical facelift which was known as the S-4. The car recieved a reworked front and rear bumper and a new spoiler. The V8 engine was enlarged further to 4.9 Litres, with each cylinder bank now enploying twin overhead camshafts, 16 valve cylinder heads per bank as fitted to the 944S. This gave the 928 320 bhp a boost of 32 bhp in performance. Dropping the 0-60 time to 6.3 seconds and a top speed of 160 mph. But they didnt stop there, in 1989 the 928 GT arrived with modified and stiffened suspension, wider wheels and an extra 10bhp it could reach 170mph. In 1991 the 928 GTS appeared, enlarged again to 5.4 litres it produced a massive 360bhp.

The 928 ceased production in 1995 it was the last of the front engined Porsches.