RUF CTR 1 "Yellowbird"

The Top speed record breaking Ruf CTR 1 featured a fully Seam Welded bodyshell with Aluminium doors and bonnet which reduced the rolling weight by some 200kg. The Rear arches were widened by 1 inch and finished off with Ruf's own front and rear bumpers.

Under the skin the car was fitted with a Multi point roll cage, Cross drilled and vented Brembo brakes, Denloc run flat tyre system and Lowered on bilstein dampers.

The Engine was a 3349cc Twin turbo with a motronic management system, Ruf 5 speed gearbox, Limited Slip differential and Two wheel drive.

The example pictured outputs in the region of 520bhp with a Top speed of 211mph and has a six speed box.


Engine Type: Twin-Turbo Flat-6

Displacement: 3349 cc

Horsepower: 469 bhp @ 5950 rpm

Torque: 408 lb-ft @ 5100 rpm

Redline: 6800 rpm

Performance 0-60 mph: 4.0 sec

0-100 mph: 7.3 sec

Quarter Mile: 11.7 sec @ 133.5 mph

Top Speed: 211 mph