Porsche 911S Targa Sportomatic 1972 LHD

This is the real deal - a numbers matching 1972 911S Targa with the Porsche Certificate of Authentictiy that verifies the numbers. VIN is 9112310646 and engine number is 6329107. The car has been repainted in its original factory Sepia Brown color (code 7410). The interior has been redone in Black, not the original Beige Leatherette shown on the COA. The prior owner babied this car for 13 years, and updated many parts and restored the car interior and exterior. I am the 3rd US owner since the car was imported in 1986.

The car is European with 189,000 kilometers, or about 118,000 miles; all records since it was imported from England were kept and available in a book with all receipts and pictures of the 1994 restoration. Comes with options documented in COA of tinted (green) glass and rear wiper. Pictures of restoration work were kept along with dozens of receipts. This car was entered in local concours judging by the prior owner with top three finishes.

The car has a Sportomatic transmission, which is a four speed; you have to shift through the gears but there is no clutch pedal. It is a fun driving experience, and seems the Sporto feels like it has more low end torque than the 5 speed manual car. There are very few 1972 911S Sporto's around - the prior owner did not know of any others - this might the be last one - probably a lot of them were converted to the five speed manual. The 190 hp MFI engine looks to be all original, and is very clean - and is the original numbers matching engine documented on the COA.

This is a nice car, but not perfect. It will need additional restoration work . If you want a perfect 1972 911S, be prepared to pay $40,000 or more. The 1972 model 911 is unique because of the external oil tank door on the right hand side of the car. This is a car you can drive all summer and then upgrade with body and mechanical work in the winters. The car was restored and repainted in 1995, but not a windows out, panels off restoration. There is now bubbling of paint on the bottoms of both doors and the front fender bottoms - so a repaint will be needed. Most major rust has been repaired in 2003 and documented, but there are two small rust holes in the rear pan that will need fixing (welding). A new front pan was put in and undercoating applied - the front end of the car is now very solid.The engine looks very clean but should have a reseal and I would plan to install the Carrera tensioners to protect the valuable S engine from timing belt problems. If you're handy, a lot of the work can be done for less money. The engine is complete with the MFI and starts and runs fine. The oil lines were replaced recently by the prior owner and all major rust has been repaired - with pictures to prove the repair. All receipts and pictures from the last 13 years come with the car. I have the inspection done by Steinel's in NE Ohio that lists all mechanical issues they found on the car - this was going to be my roadmap on continuing the restoration of the car.

The only reason I am selling this car is that I was contacted by a local 911S owner who wanted to sell his car - it was in excellent condition with a full panels off restoration in 1995 - and cost a lot more money than this car. Unfortunately that car was also a 1972 911S Targa! So now I have two, and one has to go. If you have a nice 1967-71 911S, I would be open to a trade.

The car is sold as-is. I have a clean Ohio title that will transfer. Buyers are welcome to come and look at it and make your own judgement. This car can be brought up to the next level of restoration. It can be converted to the 915 5-speed transmission if the Sportomatic is not your style. At the price I am selling it for, there is a lot of room for work on the car to take it to much higher values now commanded by excellent examples of the early 911S.




Porsche 911S Targa Sportomatic 1972 LHD