Porsche 914 Crayford Special (RHD)

The following text and images are from Crayford's brochure:

Cars for the United Kingdom market will be converted in the works at Westerham and cars built in Germany for shipment to right-hand drive territories will be diverted via the United Kingdom for conversion. (It is hoped that in territories where the potential justifies it the special conversion parts will be exported to selected engineering firms, complete with engineering drawings so that the conversion can be carried out locally.)

This Conversion is carried out only for officially appointed Porsche distributers throughout the world and discount and export terms are available direct from Crayford Auto Developments Ltd., High Street Westerham, Kent, England.

Customers having their cars converted to R.H.D. form must understand that this conversion is not factory approved and will therefore invalidate the manufacturers warranty.

The 914 conversion to right-hand drive form is carried out to extremely high engineering standards and only the very finest quality materials are used in the conversion. The interior trim is re-styled slightly and certain small improvements are made. Such items as the handbrake are of course transferrred to the right-hand side of the bodyshell. No alterations are necassary on the windscreen wiper assemblies and as the right-hand drive conversion will only be carried out on cars scheduled for right-hand drive territories, headlamps and other lighting equipment will not need any alteration. The floor carpeting in the 914 is changed to a superior quality English Wilton.

A completely new two piece fascia panel is installed using the original instrument layout and original switch equipment. As the standard steering arrangement locates onto a central steering shaft, there is no need for any alteration to any parts of the steering other than the top of the colomn. A new pedal cluster is installed on the right-hand side and the gear lever left in its original position.

A completely new rear bulkhead moulding is used. The new moulding represents a reversed moulding based on the original left-hand drive moulding. The moulding is finally trimmed to the original pattern and the seating system reversed so that the seat on the passenger side is fixed and the driver's seat fully adjustable. The seat retrim uses the original Porsche system of leathercloth surround and corduroy centre lining panels and the original headrest system maintained. The carpeting standard is improved and a finer quality carpeting used with the beaded edging. As with the new right-hand drive fascia panels, the rear bulkhead trim panel in right-hand drive form is available as a spare part in the event of any damage occurring to the vehicle.

I have been in contact with another UK owner of a Crayford Special who has been in contact with Crayford regarding conversion numbers. On investigation the actual quantity of conversions seems to be as low as 11, only 9 were made for the UK market and 2 were for overseas customers. Crayford supplied Invoice copies of all of the Crayford Special conversions created to back up this information.

Here are some pictures from my old Crayford Special, the car was recovered from a 20 year hibernation., She was formerly a 1.7 litre Signal Orange 1971 car. She is a Malaya Porsche supplied vehicle, which was one of the key main dealers involved with the conversion. She still has all of the correct detailing, you would expect on an original Crayford.

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