Porsche 914 Crayford Special (RHD)

The fabricated dashboard, basically a mirror image of the left hand drive Dashboard

The steering column is on a universal joint which was fine for relocation of the to the opposite side of the car.

Bulkhead is modified to accept the 911 pedal assembly, with an extension of the bulkhead riveted into place to accomodate the new equipment location. The original master cylinder hole seems to have been left, as it lives behind the pedal boards. Steering column shaft cutout also visible.

The tank is modified to fit the new reduced boot bulkhead area shown above, with a whole section of the tank removed and plated

The hand brake is set up on the opposite side of the car mirroring the original layout right down to the cutout in the sill, second picture shows the cable run, third picture the old sill cutout left on the original side.

An exact mirror copy was made of the back pad and the seating arrangement reversed as the crayford was made during the period of the fixed passenger seat.

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